Definition of vesperal in English:



  • 1Of or pertaining to evening.

  • 2Of or pertaining to vespers.


  • A book containing the psalms, canticles, anthems and the like with their musical settings that are used at vespers.

    • ‘Fortunately, the remaining part of the music archive was undamaged by the disaster: this comprises an important collection of madrigals, vesperals and processionals, including an outstanding fifteenth-century Processional for Holy Week, well-known to scholars.’
    • ‘One room in particular is dedicated to a display of the 58 illuminated Choir books that were in use in the cathedral until 1930: graduals, antiphonaries and vesperals, carried out on parchment between 1508 and 1530 but unfortunately seriously damaged in the flood of 1966.’
    • ‘Two glass showcases at the center of the room protect some illuminated incunables: missals, antiphonaries, graduals and vesperals.’
    • ‘It is possible that this vesperal was produced for use in a church of the Theatine order: their founder, St. Cajetan, is honored here with arrangements for his feast.’



/ˈvespərəl/ /ˈvɛspərəl/