Definition of vespiary in English:


nounplural noun vespiaries

  • A wasps' nest.

    ‘The buzz of wasps and the bees in the vespiary were all the chaos she had ever experienced.’
    • ‘It is said the drone also keeps the vespiary clean, clearing away all rubbish and carrying out dead bodies.’
    • ‘You shouldn't approach beehives and vespiaries.’
    • ‘If bees and butterflies have apiaries and ants have formicaries, wasps have vespiaries.’
    • ‘Here's what not to write: ‘A bevy of quail wandered near the estuary / While the debutante waved a rake at the vespiary / A tumultuous buzzing disrupted the serenity/and there came an agglomeration of enmity’.’



/ˈvespēˌerē/ /ˈvɛspiˌɛri/


Early 19th century formed irregularly from Latin vespa ‘wasp’, on the pattern of apiary.