Definition of vested in English:



  • 1Secured in the possession of or assigned to a person.

    ‘a state law vested the ownership of all wild birds to the individual counties’
    • ‘Once a landowner has secured a vested right the government may not, by virtue of a change in the zoning laws, prohibit construction authorized by the permit upon which he relied.’
    • ‘He appears to believe that public-sector workers have some vested right to their jobs, rather than that their role is to serve the citizens of the city as long as the citizens need and can afford them.’
    • ‘But the conventions give neither journalists nor civilians any vested right to stand wherever they wish on a battlefield and maintain that protected status.’
    • ‘The vested authority is an expression of community decision-making.’
    • ‘Overall, the early fishery legislation was not effective in controlling harvesting, but it did identify vested rights in the fishery, particularly for upriver communities.’
    • ‘No ascertained individual was therefore cut off by an alienation inter vivos; an heir apparent or presumptive had an expectation of inheriting, but not a vested estate.’
    1. 1.1Protected or established by law or contract.
      ‘parental rights are then vested by section 14 of the 1975 Act’
      • ‘A vested right protects developer investments from subsequent zoning change.’
      • ‘Would-be sellers of reductions or credits have no vested entitlement to any benefit under existing law.’
      • ‘The politicians should devote themselves to paving the road for clean politics with a resolve to give up their vested rights and to work for the future of the nation.’
      • ‘And the maximum amount that you can borrow on a loan is 50 percent of your vested balance or $50,000, maximum.’
      • ‘In New York, vested rights ultimately triumphed after a long and tortuous attempt to craft an active policy of state intervention that would not violate the constitutional belief in the sanctity of contract.’
      • ‘In late vesting states, they provide developers with vested rights earlier in the development process, where ordinarily a developer would not receive a vested right until the building permit is issued.’
      • ‘Any reason that I should conclude that the robber has acquired a vested right to rob me?’
      • ‘An exception is made allowing Mary to borrow more than 50% of her vested account balance, providing the amount does not exceed $10,000.’
      • ‘As of last week's market close, the value of each package would be roughly $1.56 million; the value of the vested portions would be $391,875.’
      • ‘Because Jane is leaving before she accrued any vested balance, she must forfeit the contributions that were made to her money-purchase-pension account at ABC Company.’
      • ‘When determining your vested account balance for the purpose of the cash-out rules, the plan administrator may disregard amounts you rolled over from another retirement plan.’
      • ‘A qualified plan participant may borrow up to 50% of his or her vested plan balance or $50,000, whichever is less.’
      • ‘In this context his appeal to arms is not too dissimilar from that employed by the South at Fort Sumpter when they believed their vested rights were in dire jeopardy in the democratic United States.’
      • ‘Casscles said there will be a ‘fair amount’ of other changes to be made as well, involving such details as franchise taxes and the vested rights of union employees.’
      • ‘Brown's arguments on vested rights, which appeared frequently in his writing, received little reaction.’
      • ‘A landowner has no vested right in unused groundwater.’
      • ‘But in the next two decades Field won a majority to his view that states had little or no power to regulate rates or to interfere in any way with vested property rights.’
      • ‘The options exercise represents an approximate 4% stake of outstanding and vested options for both officers.’
      • ‘The economic and legal effect of promised future income is the same as vested current income.’
    2. 1.2(of a person) legally entitled to a future benefit, as from a pension.
      ‘he was completely vested after five years with the company’
      • ‘This provides participants with their account balance and vested benefits information.’
      • ‘The $50,000 or 50 percent of the vested benefit limitations do not apply so more may be borrowed.’
      • ‘I turn now to the one area in which there may be a crucial difference in the nature (but not the existence) of vested retirement benefits in Ontario as compared to the United States.’
      • ‘You have to be over 49 and under 75 to buy an immediate vested pension (if you are 75 or over, you can no longer contribute to personal pensions).’
      • ‘The sales pitch is usually aimed at those who may know they will receive an inheritance or cash windfall in the future from vested share options, large bonuses or a cash lump sum from their pension fund.’
      • ‘A participant's loan may be secured by up to 50 percent of the participant's vested balance under the plan.’
      • ‘He exercised his vested options shortly after leaving Halliburton and then sold his shares - at an extremely favorable price - walking away with more than $30 million.’
      • ‘‘They would have our first-round pick take the vested veterans out,’ Edwards said.’
      • ‘As a vested veteran, Johnson can declare himself a free agent at the end of the season, a move that is unlikely considering he is due a large roster bonus in 2005.’
  • 2Supplied or worn with a vest.

    ‘Across it's chest, a vested blood red ‘X’, connected to a red cape, flowing behind it's back.’
    • ‘The impression was one of immediate, bullet-proofed vested menace and far removed from the celebration of democracy which these occasions are usually enjoyed for.’
    • ‘Alexander begins the film as a socially awkward scientist, bumbling and sweet, with a penchant for pocket watches and professorish vested suits.’
    • ‘The braided tip spun around the weapon of the vested man, and Indy plucked the pistol from his grasp with an expert yank, just as the trigger was pulled or firing stud pressed or whatever was the means of activation.’
  • 3Wearing vestments.

    ‘‘Heat activity reaching optimal readings,’ said the vested man.’
    • ‘When Mr. Snead gathers the elder Peazant men for a photograph, we see the men in their vested finery positioned with the sea at their backs.’



/ˈvestid/ /ˈvɛstɪd/