Definition of victory lap in English:

victory lap

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  • A celebratory circuit of a sports field, track, or court by the person or team that has won a contest.

    ‘Before you knew it, the Jets were reduced to watching John Elway gallop around the field in a victory lap, flashing a smile that seared a bitter image in the Jets' psyches.’
    • ‘After losing the game Pakistanis quickly left the stadium and didn't wait for Indian team's victory lap.’
    • ‘Most of the team that took the victory lap at Stade de France four years ago is back.’
    • ‘And Carmen will take a victory lap around the stage wearing her Prom Queen tiara and a sash that says ‘Miss American Idol 2003’.’
    • ‘The U.S. victory lap received noticeably less enthusiasm than that given to various discus throwers, triple-jumpers, and decathletes all night long.’
    • ‘The crowd goes nuts as Gill pumps his fist and settles into a victory lap - the whole glorious, melodramatic Olympic Moment bit.’
    • ‘Is a victory lap in the cards for President Bush or Senator Kerry?’
    • ‘Thanks to the arrangement of the stage and seating, I then had to make what amounted to a victory lap in high heels.’
    • ‘Supporters of campaign finance reform are running what you might call a victory lap today.’
    • ‘It was his moment of glory, it really was the closest thing he's had to a kind of victory lap.’