Definition of video link in English:

video link


  • An electronic facility that enables audiovisual communication between people in different locations.

    ‘she testified at the trial via a video link’
    • ‘Under the terms of the release Megrahi is required to update officials in Scotland every month via a video link on his medical status.’
    • ‘This afternoon's closed court session also saw Elisabeth confront Fritzl for the first time albeit by pre-recorded video link.’
    • ‘He will appear at the same court via videolink on January 11.’
    • ‘Seven photographers had been expected to attend the inquest this week, giving their evidence via videolink from a courtroom in Paris.’
    • ‘He also addressed the National Press Club via video link.’
    • ‘The cave system was explored for a distance of 50 metres from the face with a live video link to the surface.’
    • ‘On the second observation, I witnessed a trial by video link.’
    • ‘She was allowed to "appear" via a video link.’
    • ‘Depending on Gareth's recording schedule, he is hoping to make an appearance, either in person or via a video link.’
    • ‘The Court will now adjourn briefly in order to establish a video link to Perth, Western Australia.’
    • ‘Set well back from the road, the house is accessed through antique-style electric gates that have a video link.’
    • ‘It is done by the associate over the video link or the court officer.’
    • ‘I understand that there is a special leave list by video link to Brisbane on 12 September 2003.’
    • ‘It may have to be done by video link from Perth, I think, hereafter, Mr Hawkins.’
    • ‘The witness approached a minister after the publicity given to the inquest, where witnesses gave evidence anonymously by video link.’
    • ‘The man, described only as Witness A, spoke from behind a screen on a video link and with his voice distorted.’
    • ‘I haven't posted a link in a little while and I certainly haven't posted a video link in a while.’
    • ‘The witness was under 17 years of age and gave evidence via a video link.’
    • ‘Speaking via a video link in Moscow, Andrei Lugovoi told journalists in London that MI6 had been involved in murder of Litvinenko in London last year.’
    • ‘One security service witness, known as David, is to give evidence by videolink from an undisclosed foreign country.’