Definition of videograph in English:


transitive verb

[with object]mainly Indian
  • Capture video of.

    ‘a local man videographed the incident on his mobile phone’
    • ‘the entire procession will be videographed’
    • ‘She has videographed and edited several commercial projects in New York City.’
    • ‘The whole event was videographed.’
    • ‘The raid was videographed by the police.’
    • ‘All critical events will be videographed.’
    • ‘The condition of the patient was videographed regularly during the treatment.’
    • ‘They were barred from either photographing or videographing the proceedings.’
    • ‘The suspected spies were seen taking pictures and videographing the military station.’
    • ‘The court directed them to videograph the entire poll proceedings and submit the same to the court.’
    • ‘I recently told a couple having troubles in their marriage to videograph for me the time they spend together.’
    • ‘The panel has also been directed to videograph the proceedings.’



/ˈvidēōˌɡraf/ /ˈvɪdioʊˌɡræf/