Definition of videophile in English:



  • An enthusiast for or devotee of video recordings or video technology.

    ‘But does a well-stocked video collection denote a cinephile or just a videophile?’
    • ‘Overall it has a very nice look, not worthy of complaint except from the more finicky of videophiles and DVD reviewers who look for such minor flaws as part of their job.’
    • ‘Not to quash anyone's prayers to Santa for a flat-screen TV, but wouldn't you rather fork over $25 for a DVD for the videophile on your list?’
    • ‘From computer hackers to ham radio operators, from audio and videophiles to hot rodders, enthusiast cultures have often proved integral to the lives of technologies.’
    • ‘Despite the average transfer, the casual viewer should be happy enough with picture quality, but videophiles may want to seek out the collected first season instead.’
    • ‘Hard-core videophiles are always looking for perfection, and movies like this and Traffic raise interesting questions of what we should expect from video transfers.’
    • ‘No release date was cited, but Silver was clearly excited about it, since it will bring easy calibration to the mass market, not just videophiles.’
    • ‘I know many videophiles will be aghast, but my concern in changing ratios stems from butchering widescreen to pan and scan.’
    • ‘There's some occasional edge enhancement, but only the nerdiest of videophiles will find cause to complain.’
    • ‘When you make a product designed for a videophile, he wants to know that you've spent as many hours staring at the flat screen as he does.’



/ˈvidēəˌfīl/ /ˈvɪdiəˌfaɪl/