Definition of vidiot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvidēət/ /ˈvɪdiət/


informal North American
  • A habitual, undiscriminating watcher of television or videotapes.

    • ‘A good starter package for ‘vidiots in training.’’
    • ‘Yes, the rush to put out virtually every movie ever made on DVD is laudable, seeing as it gives vidiots like you and me the chance to see a broader range of material.’
    • ‘In other consumer-electronic news, JVC has something wonderful for all you vidiots out there.’
    • ‘Thus, for like-minded vidiots, I want to recommend the best guide for those with off-kilter tastes.’
    • ‘In due time his character studies will hallmark their way to the hearts of vidiots domestic and abroad.’
    • ‘Well, recently I was just in the mood to be a vidiot.’
    • ‘Puking out direct to vidiot sequels like Belle Goes to Beauty College or Lumiere Has a Hernia is the work of evil creative imbeciles.’


1960s blend of video and idiot.