Definition of view halloo in English:

view halloo


  • A shout given by a hunter on seeing a fox break cover.

    ‘Winner watched, quivering like a fox on hearing the distant view halloo.’
    • ‘Over tilled hill and manicured dale they bounded with tally-hos, yoicks and view halloos, making life miserable not only for the fox, but for stolid farmers and their livestock.’
    • ‘Things are always changing into other things on the Orpheum circuit, but we have no secret names remaining, just those words we've always used, my germinisms, your view halloos.’
    • ‘But the game would definitely be afoot; the pack would be legging it to the view halloo while I'd be rediscovering the emperor-size feather bed at the Dorset and phoning down for the full English for myself and glamorous young pard.’
    • ‘Cleveland, Ohio, Oct.12. - Having followed the hounds thus far - no reflection on ballplayers intended - having heard the view halloo and scampered over the meadows while the pack tore at the quarry's flanks, Cleveland decided today to be in at the death.’
    • ‘They raced through the forest on their giddily galloping geldings, sighting down their blunderbusses (or perhaps that is ‘blunderbae’), shouting their view halloos and, all told, having the finest time of it.’


view halloo

/vyo͞o həˈlo͞o/ /vju həˈlu/