Definition of viewport in English:



  • 1A window in a spacecraft or in the conning tower of an oil rig.

    ‘The transport shuntor dove under the Exeter, where its belly became a white ceiling with thousands of viewports and windows, replacing the stars.’
    • ‘The alien ship seemed void of any viewports or windows, and had no outward appearance of equipment or sensors of its own.’
    • ‘Tree branches crashed through the forward viewport and bulkheads flew around like dangerous missiles.’
    • ‘He looked up at the viewport to see another flight of Tigersharks orient themselves for another strafing run.’
    • ‘She glanced out the viewport again, and made a double-take.’
    • ‘When he turned his gaze once again outside his viewport, he started when he saw the sleek aircraft slide into position off the shuttle's left wing.’
    • ‘The twinkling vista of space was clearly visible through the viewports, the transparent and vastly reinforced glass preventing the escape of atmosphere into the void.’
    • ‘Looking out of the viewports located at the front of the bridge, each ship sat silently, almost smugly, several kilometres away from the Levianthannic's bow.’
    • ‘The moon before them was now at starboard, and other large elliptical masses blocked the fore and top viewports along with numerous asteroids.’
    • ‘Gradually the planet became larger through the viewports.’
    1. 1.1Computing A framed area on a display screen for viewing information.
      ‘Now, go get your model, if you don't already have a paper space viewport displayed on your screen.’
      • ‘Once the user releases the mouse, the box will be deleted from the screen and the viewport will change.’
      • ‘The viewports display tiled, and AutoCAD asks you to select horizontal or vertical and where you want the odd-numbered viewport to be displayed.’
      • ‘All around, viewports and computer screens spider-webbed and exploded outwards, showering glass everywhere.’
      • ‘The Opera browser handled everything I could throw at it in normal mode, where you pan around the page with the screen as a viewport.’
      • ‘Double-clicking on a viewport now fills the screen with the viewport for editing purposes.’
      • ‘A quick command displays the scale factor for the selected viewport.’
      • ‘You may already have a paper space viewport on your screen with some of your geometry from model space shining through.’
      • ‘Then the line boxes inside the paragraph can be displayed below that point, spanning 70% of the viewport.’
      • ‘This code automatically loads the menu and a set of new dimensioning tools that works in scaled and locked viewport displays.’



/ˈvyo͞oˌpôrt/ /ˈvjuˌpɔrt/