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nounplural noun villainies

  • Wicked or criminal behavior.

    ‘the villainy of professional racketeers’
    • ‘minor villainies’
    • ‘Johnny Canuck would never be corrupted, and would fight to his last breath to defend our nation against evil and villainy.’
    • ‘Will the power of good, represented by the brash young Cheng and his elderly mentor Master Cheung, be able to overpower the pure diabolic villainy of Evil Cat?’
    • ‘On my return I found nothing but villainy and evil.’
    • ‘Corruption and villainy takes place in every section of society and that was a crucial part of the novel.’
    • ‘Moore's story goes much deeper into the psychology of his characters than he did in the first adventure, fleshing out the already rather meaty Edward Hyde beyond his pantomime villainy.’
    • ‘Like any sea-port, Marseille has always been a tough town with its fair share of villainy.’
    • ‘The actor brings a little too much moustache-twisting villainy to Edmund, a role that already has more than its fair share.’
    • ‘The narrative requires a victim who can play the role of innocence aggrieved and a defendant who can embody pure villainy.’
    • ‘In Gotham City, villainy always seems the more fun option.’
    • ‘But the very complexity of the narrative - a tale of villainy and suspense - has made it difficult to adapt.’
    • ‘The producer, in the role of the mastermind, is avarice and villainy personified, as the role demands.’
    • ‘His velvety-voiced villainy sent pleasurable shivers up the spine.’
    • ‘They belong to a different era of movie villainy - the silent days.’
    • ‘He also reads newspapers and is, therefore, aware that our fictional villainy is currently being given a factual twist.’
    • ‘I wonder how much of his villainy is revenge on nature and human beings.’
    • ‘It showed supernatural power being used to combat greed, lust and villainy.’
    • ‘He's a racing driver who lives in a junkyard and fights villainy.’
    • ‘This is the minimum price the vandals must be made to pay for their villainy.’
    • ‘As we keep saying, these systems will only work on people who actively want to cooperate and be rehabilitated, and aren't applicable on a wide scale to people who just want to stay out of prison while carrying on their life of villainy.’
    • ‘No story can parallel the villainy and wickednesses of this man’
    wickedness, badness, evil, evil-doing, sin, sinfulness, iniquity, vileness, baseness, wrong, wrongdoing, dishonesty, double-dealing, unscrupulousness, roguery, rascality, delinquency, disgrace, viciousness, degeneracy, depravity, dissolution, dissipation, immorality, turpitude, devilry, devilishness, heinousness
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/ˈvilənē/ /ˈvɪləni/


Middle English from Old French vilenie, from vilein (see villain).