Definition of vinca in English:



another term for periwinkle
‘Colourful petunias, vincas, celosias, dahlias and so on offer a feast to the eyes.’
  • ‘Your vincas, or periwinkles, may be victims of aerial phytophthora, a common fungal disease that spreads when you water or when it rains, splashing spores from the soil onto the plants.’
  • ‘I am having a problem with my deep-purple-pink-colored vincas.’
  • ‘In the backyard, annual pansies, alyssum, vincas, and silver-edged ornamental kale fill the beds under crab apples and pines.’
  • ‘I have bad experiences with my vincas growing beautifully, then dying when it rains too much.’
  • ‘You've never seen a color pattern like this one, the first vinca with orchid blooms and a white center.’
  • ‘In the Test Garden we call it annual vinca (not to be confused with the perennial vinca that is a hardy ground cover).’
  • ‘Anticancer compounds that are extracted from the periwinkle plant, Vinca rosea, are called the vinca alkaloids.’
  • ‘The vinca alkaloids have been used in cancer therapy for more than 30 years.’
  • ‘Underplanted with vinca, the pristine white blooms in flower now, the ground here and in much of the garden will be carpeted with snowdrops by next month.’
  • ‘For cooler colors, set purple fountain grass in the middle of a 24-inch-wide pot and surround it with ‘Blue Pearl’ annual vinca, purple heliotrope, and variegated Plectranthus.’
  • ‘This method works well with groundcovers and other plants that spread quickly, such as creeping thyme, mints, lamb's ears, ajuga, vinca, mums, asters, and daisies.’
  • ‘The climbers will grow over the arch, shading the inside and creating a perfect environment for colorful, shade-loving flowers like impatiens, vinca, and begonias.’
  • ‘Heliotrope is never invasive, so it can be grown in patio containers where vinca, dusty miller, or marigolds make attractive companions for its delicate flowers.’
  • ‘Add trailers such as bacopa and vinca to soften the pots edge.’
  • ‘In addition to bone marrow suppression and renal toxicity, neurotoxicity is a commonly occurring side effect of widely used chemotherapeutic agents like taxanes, cisplatin and vinca alkaloids.’
  • ‘These physicians do scientific medicine no favors when they forget that foxglove/digoxin, vinca alkaloids and dozens of other botanically based therapies were once alternatives to less effective conventional therapies.’
  • ‘Various compounds have been identified as substrates such as peptides, vinca alkaloids, anthracyclines, and epipodophyllotoxins, among others.’
  • ‘Active cytotoxic agents for patients with advanced KS with the longest track records include vinca alkaloids, anthracyclines, bleomycin, and etoposide.’
  • ‘Petunias, vinca vine, blue lobelia and alyssum all filled out quickly to cover the box.’



/ˈviNGkə/ /ˈvɪŋkə/


1930s from modern Latin Vinca (genus name), from late Latin pervinca (see periwinkle).