Definition of Vincent's angina in English:

Vincent's angina


  • A painful ulcerative condition of the inside of the mouth or of the gums, associated with trench mouth.

    ‘Oral cavity conditions that can produce halitosis are dentures, chronic periodontal disease, coated tongue and Vincent's angina.’
    • ‘He was much better in the morning and a throat swab demonstrated that the Vincent's angina had disappeared.’
    • ‘Had a case been only Vincent's angina one would not have expected pharyngeal paralysis to develop, but in most cases, whether they received N.A.B. or not, it did.’
    • ‘Sometimes, tonsillitis is caused by a superinfection of spirochaeta and treponema, in this case called Vincent's angina or Plaut-Vincent angina.’
    • ‘Throat swabs should be collected for streptococcal sore throat, diphtheria, Vincent's angina, thrush, and gonococcal pharyngeal infection.’