Definition of vincibility in English:


Pronunciation /ˌvinsəˈbilətē/



See vincible

‘He has taken one of the most bloody and most complex battles in the history of the British Empire to demonstrate the utter vincibility of a super-power by meagre, but determined, forces.’
  • ‘Again, it is developments like these that contribute to the vincibility of all nations.’
  • ‘The battle proved the fallibility of Hitler and the vincibility of the Wehrmacht, which up to then had enjoyed little but victory.’
  • ‘I would first take Sun Tzu's advice to make myself invincible, awaiting the enemy's vincibility.’
  • ‘Whether they do so or not, let's hope he takes a good look in the mirror over the coming months, learns from Botham's errors, acknowledges that Garry Sobers was the exception rather than the norm, accepts his vincibility and sets greater store by the runs column than the wickets.’
  • ‘‘I had more confidence than others,’ the narrator explained, ‘in the vincibility of this disease, and in the success of those measures which we had used for our defence against it.’’