Definition of vincible in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvinsəbəl/ /ˈvɪnsəbəl/

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  • (of an opponent or obstacle) able to be overcome or conquered.

    ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the easily vincible Straw Man.’
    • ‘The more vincible he seemed, the less he seemed like a sure bet to beat his opponent, and the more support he lost.’
    • ‘His summation of the problem with computer security is, as he himself admits, quite cynical: ‘… the mathematics are impeccable, the computers are vincible, the networks are lousy, and the people are abysmal.’’
    • ‘It liberates him from the terms of battle that constrain the vincible.’
    • ‘Are the computer systems of our financial institutions vincible to cyber attacks?’


Mid 16th century from Latin vincibilis, from vincere ‘to overcome’.