Definition of vindaloo in English:



  • A highly spiced hot Indian curry.

    ‘Lamb korma is nowhere near as powerful as curry or vindaloo, relying more on a subtle blend of spices in a creamy sauce.’
    • ‘After these there are nine chicken varieties including a madras, korma and vindaloo.’
    • ‘In the veg buffet section, the tables will be loaded with Goan green salad, vegetable indad, doodhi sukem, dhahi ambat, vegetable vindaloo and mango curry.’
    • ‘Don't let these guys measure the curry for your next vindaloo!’
    • ‘For years now, I have successfully sunk a wide range of whites, reds and rosés with curries varying from a mild, creamy chicken korma or Thai green curry, right through to an eye-wateringly hot lamb vindaloo.’
    • ‘I didn't have that trouble with my lamb-shank vindaloo, a grand, Edwardian joint of meat that would probably have taken an average family in India a week to consume.’
    • ‘By creating dishes like chicken Madras and lamb vindaloo, neither of which bears any resemblance to similarly named dishes in India, an easily approachable shorthand was developed.’
    • ‘We tried as a main course prawn spicy vindaloo which was packed with king prawns, potatoes and assorted vegetables.’
    • ‘And sure it is - a steaming hot chicken vindaloo, a little naan on the side and a plate of paneer.’
    • ‘On the one hand, there are plenty of places where, along with the clichéd flock wallpaper, the menu starts at chicken tikka masala and ends at prawn vindaloo.’
    • ‘The beef vindaloo, the hottest curry we had, tasted of cumin and cardamom and wasn't initially crazy hot, but did have a lasting burn.’
    • ‘Lamb vindaloo is deliciously spicy enough to give us the hiccups.’
    • ‘For vindaloo, select the madras base and whack in extra chilli powder.’
    • ‘We began with the chicken vindaloo, which was as hot as blazes without the deep, nose-killing heat of some curries I've had.’
    • ‘/ Me and me mum and me dad and me gran / We're off to Waterloo / Me and me mum and me dad and me gran / And a bucket of vindaloo…’
    • ‘My beloved vindaloo requires five tablespoons of butter.’
    • ‘You were the one that ate that chicken vindaloo.’
    • ‘That was 30 years ago and strangely enough it didn't quench my thirst for Indian meals and I've had many since then - but never as hot as that vindaloo.’
    • ‘Anyway, our last fortnight has been as varied as vindaloo.’
    • ‘Hope goes before Irish rugby performances as well as raw garlic before a date or beef vindaloo before a ten-mile run.’



/ˌvindəˈlo͞o/ /ˌvɪndəˈlu/


Probably from Portuguese vin d'alho ‘wine and garlic (sauce)’, from vinho ‘wine’ + alho ‘garlic’.