Definition of vinosity in English:



See vinous

‘This wine smells fat like a ripe pear, dusted with a gently savoury/spicy oak and an under-lying vinosity that is beguiling.’
  • ‘This frank, classy champagne has the vinosity and generosity of Bouzy Pinot Noir in a well-balanced frame.’
  • ‘This is a product made in the image and method of the great champagnes, enhancing its vinosity with bubbles.’
  • ‘The wine has lovely vinosity with fine grained tannins and concentrated fruit adding a liquorice nuance to the finish where purples of all colours, aromas and flavours abound.’
  • ‘A further object of this invention is to remove sulfites from a standard wine without significantly altering the color or vinosity of the wine.’



/vəˈnäsədē/ /vəˈnɑsədi/