Definition of vinously in English:



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‘This vine has also been planted in Galicia and Rueda, where it is being uprooted in favour of local varieties, and in the increasingly vinously significant Canary Islands where it is the main white variety.’
  • ‘They lived on meagre incomes, waiting for a recall that might never come, reminiscing vinously about the glories of the past, and helping pave the way for a Napoleonic revival.’
  • ‘Southern France is most commonly associated, vinously speaking, with robust red wine values.’
  • ‘Beaujolais lies just to the south of the far more vinously challenging area of Burgundy with which is commonly associated.’
  • ‘Where even the vinously literate search in vain for clues, getting down on their knees to turn over handfuls of soil or gazing down from the crest of the slope in utter bewilderment.’
  • ‘David Brookes has worked in the business for 15 years; he's done just about everything vinously possible to expand his wine knowledge.’
  • ‘The Virginian winemakers like to say that they are mid way between France and California both geographically and vinously and this wine bears them out.’
  • ‘The most vinously diverse country has a near-infinite bounty to offer, and San Francisco has only scratched the surface.’
  • ‘Yummy is a very technical vinously related wine term that perfectly encapsulates the description of this wine.’
  • ‘‘Their job was vital, but the vinously minded historian will note that it did not take them near a single vineyard of quality,’ he said.’
  • ‘With the fervor of the vinously disenfranchised, Riesling lovers have long worshiped the trinity of Germany, Austria and Alsace.’
  • ‘There are some exceptional wines to be found in the 2001 vintage and vinously speaking, this was to be one of my most exciting trips to the region!’
  • ‘That leaves the sauce and toppings as the prime targets when thinking vinously.’
  • ‘This part of the southern Rhône is probably vinously the least known of the southern section of the Rhône, although there are some very enjoyable wines here, at a less expensive price range.’
  • ‘A diverse range of benchmark wines were lined up to tantalise the group, while the wine specialist and I fielded questions from the savvy and vinously curious participants.’