Definition of viny in English:



See vine

‘In wet clay or poorly drained soils, fig trees produce mostly vegetative, viny growth with few fruits.’
  • ‘Stalk these bugs vigilantly when they first appear, and you may be able to save your viny vegetables organically this year.’
  • ‘All around the horse corral, it was overgrown with viny bushes and thick rooted willows.’
  • ‘Clematis flammula var. maritima is an example of a lianoid, smaller-bodied viny plant that has adapted to open conditions where there are few climbing opportunities.’
  • ‘I help with the maintenance; we weed, then wield machetes and trowels to chop back the viny grass that threatens to overtake bare soil.’



/ˈvīnē/ /ˈvaɪni/