Definition of violent storm in English:

violent storm


  • A wind of force 11 on the Beaufort scale (56–63 knots or 64–72 mph).

    ‘With a gust of mysterious wind a violent storm attacked.’
    • ‘Flying to your house like a wind of a violent storm crashing through and thundering racing with the clouds that feel like me a part of me as scared as me as lonely as me as angry as me’
    • ‘Outside she could hear the tower being ravaged by a violent storm where the wind howled mournfully, reminding her of a lone wolf in the depths of winter.’
    • ‘The violent storm, with its 70-mile-per-hour winds, tore loose the airship's control cabin, which plummeted earthward like a boulder.’
    • ‘After they're waylaid by a violent storm, the men are forced to go into a town to restock their supplies.’
    • ‘During the Great New England Hurricane of 1938, for example, a violent storm surge hit Providence.’
    • ‘It had also rained blood on the capitol during a particularly violent storm, so noisy that some said it sounded as if warriors fought up in the clouds.’
    • ‘Survivors told the rescue team that their ship sank after taking on a violent storm in high speed.’
    • ‘It snowed again the day before they left, and though this was not a violent storm like the one they'd seen at the estate outside Paris, nevertheless, it was enough to keep travelers inside while it lasted.’
    • ‘The ship had been at anchor in the bay when a violent storm blew up.’
    • ‘The gradual evolution of such storm-dominated shelves produces extensive fields of storm-generated ridges maintained by the violent storm currents even when they are under hundreds of metres of water.’
    • ‘It was all that I had in order to survive the violent storm that tore through me every day, as I looked upon the life and the monster that I had somehow created in my temporary madness.’
    • ‘However, no amount of regeneration would ease the pain that tore through her body like lightning traveling through a poor mortal out in the midst of a violent storm.’
    • ‘Geological evidence shows that an isthmus, which, according to temple records was breached by a violent storm in 1480, once bridged the gap.’
    • ‘However, the ship encounters a violent storm that kills several of the ship's sailors and renders the rest of them ill and invalid.’
    • ‘When the bodies of four people are discovered during a violent storm in Tokyo, they're assumed to be members of the same family.’
    • ‘The violent storm only lasted for five minutes, first hitting at 11.45 pm, but destroyed everything in its path.’
    • ‘I woke up in a violent storm around eight and threw up twice.’
    • ‘That night there was no sleep for me for there was a violent storm.’
    • ‘He took in the scene with a calmness that seemed rather out of place in comparison to the violent storm rampaging outside.’


violent storm

/ˈvī(ə)lənt stôrm/ /ˈvaɪ(ə)lənt stɔrm/