Definition of violently in English:


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  • 1Using physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

    ‘I was once violently assaulted on a bus’
    • ‘He claimed that it was a part of a larger strategy to expel them violently from areas to be farmed by colonists.’
    • ‘He drives a taxi because he cannot sleep, but his nightly runs through the city's dirtiest neighbourhoods compel him to act violently.’
    • ‘There are consequences when he deals with things violently, and he lies frequently because his every misguided placement of trust is betrayed.’
    • ‘Romance ends abruptly and violently when she kills Jeff's partner.’
    • ‘He stubbornly goes forth armed with only his ideals as his men are violently cut down by enemy fire.’
  • 2In a very strong or vigorous manner.

    ‘he coughed violently’
    • ‘the aircraft began violently shaking’
    • ‘Examples from the artist's "Torn Map" series at first look like scraps of paper violently ripped from a whole.’
    • ‘The ballet was violently booed at its premiere in 1913.’
    • ‘She spits violently at her reflection.’
    • ‘When the pressure is released, the juice begins to boil violently and the lime is added.’
    • ‘The song has a stormy quality that lends itself to images of waves crashing violently against rocky shorelines.’
    1. 2.1To a very great degree; intensely.
      ‘I found myself violently disagreeing with him’
      • ‘he woke up feeling violently ill’
      • ‘During this time, his paintings were brightly coloured abstracts executed with violently expressive brushwork.’
      • ‘The work is violently powerful, its overriding message being the oppression of the Mexican lower classes.’
      • ‘The border is echoed in the conglomeration of baroque forms that violently jut in from the bottom left.’
      • ‘Initially, the group was moderately enthusiastic about the idea of popular architecture—or at least not violently opposed to it.’
      • ‘In the mid-distance a cottage is burning, as smoke violently billows and fumes.’



/ˈvī(ə)ləntlē/ /ˈvaɪ(ə)ləntli/