Definition of viperfish in English:


nounplural noun viperfish, plural noun viperfishes

  • A small, elongated deep-sea fish that has large jaws with long protruding fangs.

    Family Chauliodontidae: several genera and species

    ‘Sloane's viperfish are not known to be sexually dimorphic since the specimens caught are rarely sexed.’
    • ‘The viperfish is thought to use its sharp teeth to impale its victims by swimming at them at high speeds.’
    • ‘The viperfish may be expected on the offshore banks as a stray at any time, for several have been taken off the continental slope abreast of southern New England in deep water.’
    • ‘Humans have so rarely encountered a viperfish in its natural habitat that to date there are no photographs of one in its home in the deep ocean.’
    • ‘The viperfish lives in deep, deep water and the viperfish is very, very rare.’
    • ‘I had an opportunity to study rare creatures like viperfishes and goosefishes, firsthand - in fact so intimately that they both bit me on the fingers.’
    • ‘Stomiiformes is an order of deep-sea ray-finned fishes of very diverse morphology, including dragonfishes, lightfishes, marine hatchetfishes, viperfishes, and loosejaws.’
    • ‘During the day, viperfish hunt deep down in the ocean, but at night they come up to shallower waters where food is more plentiful.’
    • ‘A viperfish is equipped with fang-like teeth and a large gape.’
    • ‘Their ferocious appearance is echoed in their other common names: viperfishes, snaggletooths, black dragonfishes, and sawtailfishes.’



/ˈvīpərˌfiSH/ /ˈvaɪpərˌfɪʃ/