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  • Glutinous; sticky.

    ‘the viscid mucus lining of the intestine’
    • ‘It is not difficult to imagine that once pleural fluid has turned into frank pus, which is viscid and sticky, that simply removing loculations will not necessarily lead to efficient drainage.’
    • ‘The development of sticky viscid silk is thought to be an important evolutionary innovation as that silk is more effective at snagging passing insects than the non-sticky variety.’
    • ‘Phlegm is motionless, viscid, sticky, heavy, inert, cold, soft, and white.’
    • ‘Finally, a variety of invertebrates secrete viscid secretions as part of a reported ‘duo-gland’ adhesion.’
    • ‘The presence of copious quantity of viscid mucus in the airways predisposes patients to frequent pulmonary infections, mainly due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa leading to a chronic neutrophil-dominated inflammation.’
    • ‘While the plant is poisonous, the expressed thick, viscid oil is used as a powerful laxative and purgative.’
    • ‘The naked seeds of T. aphyllus are covered entirely by a viscid layer that adheres most of the time to the cuticle and spines of cacti.’
    • ‘These rewards include pseudopollen, wax or a viscid, resinous material secreted by the labellum and floral nectar.’
    • ‘Eccrine sweat glands produce a watery secretion, whereas apocrine secretion is more viscid.’
    • ‘While a number of seeds possess hooks, barbs, or viscid substances for a quick stick, many small seeds without special anatomical adaptations can get caught up in fur, feathers, and feet.’
    • ‘Mixed rain and snow swirled thick about them like a promise of violence; the night-black water lay deep and viscid with cold, and seemed to suck at the whaler as though wishing to swallow it into black oblivion and sea-death.’
    • ‘No degree of description can match the drama of seeing tadpoles progress from lacking forelimbs to froglets and succeed in transforming as a pool is reduced to viscid, then cracked, mud.’
    • ‘Scoop out the peanut butter into a separate large saucepan, add cloves, peppercorns and 500 ml of hot water and blend with a ladle into a smooth slightly viscid paste.’
    • ‘Rubbery and viscid, this silk stretches up to about three times its length when pulled on and takes a good deal of abuse before breaking - an important quality in a material responsible for entangling prey.’
    • ‘But my in-house appetizer of lime-colored watercress risotto had a viscid, swampy texture, which wasn't helped by the three fatty pieces of short rib on top.’
    • ‘Today, those arachnids are the only ones that spin webs bearing viscid silk near tree trunks, where seepifig resin would be likely to trap a stray strand of silk. - S.P.’
    • ‘My hands burned with the warm, viscid crimson of my father's blood and I found myself morbidly wondering if I would feel such erotic satisfaction each time I took a life.’
    sticky, gummy, glue-like, gluey, adhesive, tacky, adhering, adherent, sticking, clinging, treacly, syrupy



/ˈvisəd/ /ˈvɪsəd/


Mid 17th century from late Latin viscidus, from Latin viscum ‘birdlime’.