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(British vice)
  • A metal tool with movable jaws that are used to hold an object firmly in place while work is done on it, typically attached to a workbench.

    ‘The vise is a workbench tool and should be firmly secured before being used.’
    • ‘Dip or spray the handles and clamp a metal portion of the tool lightly into a vise and let dry.’
    • ‘Lock a tool head in a vise to remove a broken handle.’
    • ‘Do the same operation, but with a Phillips screwdriver clamped into the vise.’
    • ‘Clamp the molding in a wood vise, or to a workbench, or on a sawhorse.’
    • ‘Use clamps or a vise to hold workplaces when practical.’
    • ‘Whenever possible, hold the work in a vise or clamp when inserting a screw.’
    • ‘I clamp a steel straight edge in a vise and just draw the surface over the steel edge a few times.’
    • ‘But she held firm, and when he realized she was serious, panic gripped him, clamping his rib cage like a vise.’
    • ‘The husband grimaced as his wife clamped his fingers like a vise.’



/vīs/ /vaɪs/ /ˈvīz/ /ˈvaɪz/


Middle English (denoting a screw or winch): from Old French vis, from Latin vitis ‘vine’.