Definition of vishing in English:



  • The fraudulent practice of making phone calls or leaving voice messages purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as bank details and credit card numbers.

    ‘many victims of vishing are people who are not tech-savvy’
    • ‘The vishing scams could be hampered by building a database of known "scam" phone numbers or by creating a software filter that warns consumers of incoming fraudulent calls.’
    • ‘Many but not all vishing attacks begin with an e-mail.’
    • ‘"It's very easy to put up a number on a screen that isn't actually the number that the call's being made from, which lends itself perfectly to vishing."’
    • ‘"We've already seen a vishing campaign where someone was pretending to be from the Bank of America," he says.’
    • ‘"Based on analysis of the recovered cache, we estimate the vishing crew responsible for the attack has stolen the data of 250 cards per day in this campaign."’
    • ‘In a vishing attack earlier this year, the targeted institution incurred direct fraud losses of more than $70,000.’
    • ‘There is a vulnerability of earlier versions that enable vishers to take control over accounts of legitimate call centers and possibly generate thousands of vishing calls to clients an hour.’
    • ‘Some vishing schemes may be easy to recognize, but they still prove to be effective in tricking people uneducated in basic cyber-crime attempts.’
    • ‘He notes several factors that contribute to the success of vishing, including the inherent trust placed in telephone systems.’
    • ‘The best way to confirm the vishing attack is to call the number and see for yourself what information is being requested.’



/ˈviSHiNG/ /ˈvɪʃɪŋ/


Early 21st century blend of voice and phishing.