Definition of visual acuity in English:

visual acuity


  • Sharpness of vision, measured by the ability to discern letters or numbers at a given distance according to a fixed standard.

    ‘The macula serves to facilitate central vision and allows for high-resolution visual acuity.’
    • ‘Your visual acuity is expressed in a fraction - such as 20/20 vision.’
    • ‘Dr. Birch noted that the current study was a follow-up to an earlier study of the children's visual acuity.’
    • ‘No telescope is required to see this, just good visual acuity and patience.’
    • ‘Patients with EMB toxicity had significantly greater worst visual acuity and worst color vision discrimination than both comparison groups.’
    • ‘Cataracts cause a decrease in visual acuity, blurred vision, glare, and a decrease in green-blue color vision.’
    • ‘Any patient who notes changes in visual acuity or peripheral vision should be referred for ophthalmologic evaluation.’
    • ‘Instead, we often rely on our heightened sense of visual acuity to discern the angle of the hands upon the clock face.’
    • ‘It is conjectured that their visual acuity and ability to see colors is comparable to a human's.’
    • ‘Definitions of blindness are not the same around the world and the vast majority depend on measured visual acuity with no allowance for any functional deficits.’
    • ‘All participants had normal or corrected-to-normal visual acuity and normal colour vision.’
    • ‘The most common symptom of macular degeneration is decreased visual acuity, that is, decreased ability to see fine detail.’
    • ‘All observers had at least a corrected visual acuity of 20/30 and normal color vision.’
    • ‘In most eyes with early disease, visual acuity remains stable for many years, and loss of vision is usually gradual.’
    • ‘The doctor is assisted by paramedical staff to check visual acuity, power and colour vision to enable a faster screening process.’
    • ‘Editor Wong's article on the effectiveness of cataract surgery in elderly people contains an emphasis on chronological age and final visual acuity as a measure of success.’
    • ‘All participants in the trial were invited to complete a brief assessment followed by a detailed health assessment by a trained nurse that included measurement of visual acuity.’
    • ‘I used eye area as another measure of body size and as an indication of visual acuity.’
    • ‘His general practitioner found his visual acuity to be ‘nil useful vision’ in the right eye and 6/18 in the left eye.’
    • ‘Thus, patients with extramacular detachment require more urgent management, even though they may present with excellent central visual acuity.’