Definition of visual field in English:

visual field

Pronunciation /ˈvɪʒ(ə)wəl/


another term for field of vision
‘A glaucoma examination includes a check of the optic nerve and/or measurement of the visual field to check for side vision loss.’
  • ‘A complete ophthalmologic examination to include visual acuity, visual fields, slit lamp examination and metal probing and irrigation of the lacrimal drainage system allows confirmation of the diagnosis.’
  • ‘Progress was assessed monthly by measuring visual acuity, visual fields, fundoscopic exam, IOP, blood pressure, and pulse rate.’
  • ‘The resulting drawings fill out the panoramic visual field that fueled French colonizing ardor.’
  • ‘In certain conditions, participants crossed their hands so that the left hand lay in the right visual field and the right hand lay in the left visual field.’
  • ‘These observations prove that some animals see patterns of polarized light in visual fields as image features within the field, not just as orienting stimuli having no particular role in image formation.’
  • ‘Simple bedside examination of visual acuity, pupil reactions, and visual fields can be enough to identify the underlying pathology.’
  • ‘I wanted to see if I could create visual art by terminating the visual fields.’
  • ‘The functional visual field or ‘useful field of view’ also declines with age.’
  • ‘Since stars are so distant, they subtend a minute angle of the total visual field despite their enormous diameter.’
  • ‘Removal of the left visual cortex eliminates all visual input from the entire right half of the visual field of both eyes.’
  • ‘The early visual system assumes light comes from the top of the visual field.’
  • ‘I had excellent peripheral vision (lazy eye syndrome) and was instructed to practice seeing with a prism, to synthesize the two distinct, and different visual fields.’
  • ‘Patients experience an unresolved visual field, making it difficult to focus and to perceive depth.’
  • ‘A 69 year old man was referred to our ophthalmology unit by his optician, who had picked up a visual field defect at a routine examination.’
  • ‘To get a sense of the portion of your visual field you are able to see in clear focus at one time, hold your thumb up at arm's length.’
  • ‘The eyes move to focus on objects and maintain them within their visual field.’
  • ‘‘As is commonly seen in with retinitis pigmentosa, these patients all have severe narrowing of their visual fields down to a very small central circle, and all patients in the study are legally blind,’ says Pollack.’
  • ‘In his study, Prodan presented drawings of faces displaying conflicting emotions on their upper and lower halves so that the images registered in only the left or right visual fields of the study's participants.’
  • ‘Forty-eight of 90 subjects had an excessive number of abnormal quadrants in visual fields.’