Definition of visualization in English:



(also British visualisation)
  • 1The representation of an object, situation, or set of information as a chart or other image.

    ‘video systems allow visualization of the entire gastrointestinal tract’
    • ‘The live performances, however, experimented with different modes of visualisation, including using Sey's 10-minute video work Sex Times Technology Equals the Future.’
    • ‘Using ArchiCAD as a design and visualization tool, entrants were challenged to create virtual representations of these imaginary places.’
    • ‘Custom Framer is a framing visualization and reporting package, allowing customers to see framing orders on-screen in a frame shop or online.’
    • ‘Described as an artist who is a believer in the subversive power of the image, his critical relation to visualisation is expressed in paintings, films, television and multi-media formats that have earned him international acclaim.’
    • ‘Effects visualisation is represented in the thing as a great labour; labour in the sense not only of work and a workforce but of painful, agonising struggle.’
    1. 1.1A chart or other image that is created as a visual representation of an object, situation, or set of information.
      ‘3D visualizations for architectural design’
      • ‘These visualizations show how heat follows the path of least resistance, through conductive materials like aluminum window frames or concrete structural slabs.’
      • ‘Unlike the models and visualisations, these drawings are a trace of the collaboration that produced the architecture.’
      • ‘The point is not a celebration of military or political triumph, but rather a visualization of the human quest for spiritual lightness, for a transcendent peace.’
      • ‘One of the most touching is a visualization of bipolar disorder as a tree trunk.’
      • ‘She chooses a digital visualisation of a black rainbow made from daylight fireworks by a Chinese artist.’
  • 2The formation of a mental image of something.

    ‘the story uses descriptive language to aid visualization’
    • ‘visualization is a helpful technique for relieving stress’
    • ‘a powerful visualization of a future dystopia’



/ˌviZH(o͞o)ələˈzāSH(ə)n/ /ˌvɪʒ(u)ələˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /ˌviZH(o͞o)əˌlīˈzāSH(ə)n/ /ˌvɪʒ(u)əˌlaɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/