Definition of vitelline in English:



Zoology Embryology
  • Relating to the yolk (or yolk sac) of an egg or embryo, or to yolk-producing organs.

    ‘the vitelline arteries’
    • ‘At the second stage, when the sperm cell reaches the vitelline envelope, other recognition molecules allow bindin of the correct species to attach the sperm tightly to the egg.’
    • ‘From these observations and following experiments involving membrane removals, the authors concluded that the vitelline and embryonic membranes are essential to osmoregulation during development.’
    • ‘The ventral follicle cells produce proteins, like pipe, that are only deposited in the ventral vitelline envelope.’
    • ‘In abalones, the eggs are enclosed by a vitelline envelope, and sperm must penetrate this envelope to fertilize the egg.’
    • ‘It functions as glue between the acrosomal process and the glycoprotein bindin receptors of the vitelline layer of the egg.’



/vəˈtelən/ /vəˈtɛlən/ /vīˈtelən/ /vaɪˈtɛlən/ /vīˈtelēn/ /vaɪˈtɛlin/ /vəˈtelēn/ /vəˈtɛlin/


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘colored like egg yolk’): from medieval Latin vitellinus, from vitellus (see vitellus).