Definition of vitellogenin in English:



  • A protein present in the blood, from which the substance of egg yolk is derived.

    • ‘They assayed the fish plasma for the estrogenic biomarker, vitellogenin, the major egg-yolk protein under synthesis control of endogenous estradiol.’
    • ‘Nondestructive analyses of plasma sampled from birds when captured may, however, be used to identify fecund females, using an egg yolk protein called vitellogenin.’
    • ‘For example, induction of the female-specific protein, vitellogenin, in male fish is a well-known effect of exposure to xeno-oestrogens and serves as a biomarker of such exposure.’
    • ‘In order to develop vitellogenin as a biomarker for xenobiotic exposure and endocrine disruption in invertebrates, an understanding of the hormonal control mechanisms is necessary.’
    • ‘This developmental effect is irreversible, unlike the induction of vitellogenin in adults which ceases once estrogen exposure ends.’


1960s from vitellus+ -gen+ -in.



/vɪˌtɛlə(ʊ)ˈdʒɛnɪn/ /ˌvɪt(ə)ləʊˈdʒɛnɪn/