Definition of vitta in English:


nounplural noun vittae/ˈvitē/ /ˈvitī/

  • 1Botany
    An oil tube in the fruit of some plants.

    ‘The triglyceride and essential oil are located in separate, well-defined compartments, the seed endosperm and vittae, respectively.’
    • ‘In L. juncta, each pale yellow elytron has five black vittae, with vitta 1 bordering sutural margin and extending from just below the base to the apex.’
    • ‘The mericarp of Heracleum mantegazzianum can be distinguished from other similar fruits in the genus by its conspicuously expanded vittae.’
  • 2Zoology
    A band or stripe of color.



/ˈvidə/ /ˈvɪdə/


Early 19th century from Latin, literally ‘band, chaplet’.