Definition of vivianite in English:



  • A mineral consisting of a phosphate of iron which occurs as a secondary mineral in ore deposits. It is colorless when fresh but becomes blue or green with oxidization.

    ‘This polished section of a tooth crown reveals figure-eight patterns of the blue mineral vivianite, a phosphate of iron.’
    • ‘Occurrences of gypsum crystals and vivianite in drift are also noteworthy.’
    • ‘Crystals and fine-grained masses of vivianite are present.’
    • ‘The quarry has yielded fine specimens of eosphorite, fairfieldite, montebrasite, roscherite, and vivianite.’
    • ‘The vivianite occurs in small earthy-blue masses perched on fragments of fossil wood.’



/ˈvivēəˌnīt/ /ˈvɪviəˌnaɪt/


Early 19th century named after John H. Vivian (1785–1855), British mineralogist, + -ite.