Definition of vlog in English:


Pronunciation /vläɡ/ /vlɑɡ/


  • A personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos.

    ‘you can add travel vlogs to the growing list of travel-related material popping up on the Web’
    • ‘The next sections are arranged thematically, looking at different ways to address the anatomy of a vlog.’
    • ‘To get a sense of last year's trip, visit Casey's vlog.’
    • ‘During this time the first five videos posted on the vlog's index page were examined.’
    • ‘Of the 11 videos I found defining a vlog, about half referred to style.’
    • ‘Suggestions on how to make a vlog ranged from rudimentary to sophisticated.’
    • ‘Hamilton's vlog offers a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday life of a teenager.’
    • ‘He edits the footage on his computer, then posts it on his vlog.’
    • ‘I also created a little movie about this … my second vlog entry!’
    • ‘The vlog's subtitle, "Where the journey is the destination", further supports this interpretation.’
    • ‘He negotiates his old and new identities on his vlog.’
    • ‘The negotiation of identity can take shape in many forms such as a diary or vlog.’
    • ‘So Dave from PR's got a vlog, then.’
    • ‘The overall tone of the vlog was lighthearted with a soundtrack that enhanced this atmosphere.’
    • ‘The last two sections focus on three controversies around the reality or authenticity of vlogs.’
    • ‘With audiences typically in the dozens or hundreds, the vlogs aren't yet threatening ratings at the BBC.’
    • ‘The variety in the selected vlogs reflects the human experience.’
    • ‘Plus, Garfield said, vlogs offer something reality shows can't.’
    • ‘Video blogs, or vlogs, could help counterbalance talk radio.’
    • ‘Another way that vloggers utilize their sites is to indulge in a natural narcissistic tendency by centering their vlogs on themselves.’
    • ‘And his personality is perfect for stardom in the new, yet ever-changing world of vlogs, Kahn said.’
    diary, day-by-day account, daily record, log, logbook, weblog, blog, vlog, moblog, yearbook

verbvlogs, vlogging, vlogged

  • 1no object Add new material to or regularly update a vlog.

    ‘various YouTube celebrities vlogged about the trend’
    • ‘having vlogged for nine years, Brown is no stranger to speaking to people on the internet’
    • ‘Most were enthusiastically ready to keep vlogging for years to come, regardless of what happens to YouTube.’
    • ‘I have been vlogging about my time in high school for 2 years.’
    • ‘Despite what someone might think, it was rather hard locating someone who broadcast her position daily and vlogged about what she saw and what she did.’
    • ‘I am vlogging my journey of weight loss and fitness.’
    • ‘I'm traveling and have been vlogging about the trip!’
    • ‘If you have been vlogging for a while and decide you want to get more serious about it then it is definitely worth shopping around for a new camera.’
    • ‘I have been vlogging for almost 6 years now, and my family loves looking back at old videos.’
    • ‘I have a disability and have been vlogging about it for 2 years.’
    • ‘I have been vlogging about selling off my comic book collection.’
    • ‘After getting to grips with blogging, why not start vlogging?’
    1. 1.1with object Post one or more short videos of or about (something) to a vlog.
      ‘he vlogged the birth of his second child’
      • ‘Last Sunday he vlogged himself at the Oscars and when he announced it on his channel my eyes nearly started to flood with tears when I was watching it behind my laptop.’
      • ‘Because I’m showing what I vlogged this week, you’ll see some things in this video that have already gone live.’
      • ‘He caught what he could on camera and vlogged it.’
      • ‘Jake Paul camped out in the White House and vlogged the entire thing, publishing the video on his channel.’
      • ‘Cedric has a great YouTube channel here in which he vlogged his recent trip and is planning an upcoming series about more of his travels.’
      • ‘In a shocking video revelation in late 2016, he vlogged a rant in which he denounced veganism.’
      • ‘I'm writing two books and vlogging the whole process—I’ve already uploaded one video, and I’m going to be posting another one later today.’
      • ‘I wish you'd vlogged yourself surfing with him today, Alma, with that shockproof and waterproof camera.’
      • ‘He vlogged meeting and working with Miley on his YouTube channel.’
      • ‘I asked my new friends if the party was being vlogged in real time and their response told me that life without recording it was unthinkable.’


Early 21st century blend of video and blog.