Definition of VOC in English:



  • Volatile organic compound.

    • ‘The widespread use of water-borne, high solids, solvent-free, radiation-cured products and coating powders in many paint processes has played a key role in the continuing reduction of VOC emissions.’
    • ‘Increasingly stringent VOC regulations have led to the development of water-based and high solids alternatives to solvent-based coatings.’
    • ‘The coating industry has responded by developing a range of technologies that will help attain new VOC emission targets.’
    • ‘For example, a low VOC paint used for office partitions may not be suitable for high traffic areas such as workshops or kitchens.’
    • ‘It mandates that no products containing formaldehyde or VOC adhesives can be used.’
    • ‘With the tapes, there are fewer problems with VOC compliance and flammability issues.’
    • ‘"I frequently see recycled, energy efficient and low VOC products communicated as green," he says.’
    • ‘Less clear was the effect of volatile organic compounds (VOC) on performance.’
    • ‘High VOC concentrations can be harmful to some individuals with allergies, nervous disorders and even cancer.’
    • ‘Reducing the VOC content can alter a paint's chemistry, making it harder to apply.’
    • ‘For paints to achieve Green Seal certification, the VOC content in a liter of the product, minus the water, cannot exceed 50 grams in flat paints and 150 in nonflat paints.’
    • ‘Most adhesives, for instance, emit either no or very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC).’
    • ‘Over the years, manufacturers have reduced VOC emissions from paints and coatings.’
    • ‘The one other type of resin that is becoming increasingly popular is emulsion VOC resin.’
    • ‘Some regions have VOC standards that require water-based products.’
    • ‘They calculated the VOC emissions for each tree and each plot and used their findings to map VOC levels nationally.’