Definition of vocalese in English:



  • A style of singing in which singers put words to jazz tunes, especially to previously improvised instrumental solos.

    See scat

    ‘As for Veda's vocalese, she sings sotto voce, something for which she makes no apologies.’
    • ‘‘Things Will Never Be the Same’ begins with haunting choral samples before bursts of static and tendrils of looped guitar squall converge on distorted vocalese to form a final glistening drone.’
    • ‘The song then veers from a subtly dropped house break to a harrowing repetition of the introductory mantra (enhanced by some serious squeals) back to the same break completed with one phrase of muted diva vocalese.’
    • ‘Thus vocalese is distinctly different from scat singing both because it is arranged and composed rather than improvised, and because it relies on language rather than simply sound.’
    • ‘Memories of the great vocalese star Jon Hendricks come to mind.’
    • ‘A six-time Grammy nominee (talk about frustration), Elling has released six albums of audacious vocalese that trumpet his daring range and intellectualism.’



/ˌvōkəˈlēz/ /ˌvoʊkəˈliz/