Definition of vocalise in English:



  • 1Music
    A singing exercise using individual syllables or vowel sounds to develop flexibility and control of pitch and tone.

    ‘You likely will be able to develop a comprehensive warm-up routine and work on various vocalises, études or vocal methods, called ‘vocal study.’’
    • ‘You will learn and memorize eight to ten songs of increasing difficulty per semester and possibly more, in addition to getting greater benefit out of your vocalises.’
    • ‘From another direction came the most exquisite vocalises; Paul was warming up.’
    1. 1.1A vocal passage consisting of a melody without words.
      ‘the second movement is in the spirit of a vocalise’
      • ‘There are two vocal items, a wordless vocalise with flute and guitar and a trenchant, highly effective group of eight Haiku, a minute each.’
      • ‘The vocalise extends through all four sections, to be taken up by the entire Kremerata Baltica (with crunching organ chords!) in the finale.’
      • ‘Like most of Grainger's vocalises, the voice sings its own counter-tune, rather than double anything in the accompaniment.’
      • ‘Josh listened in awe as she sang the vocalise at the end.’
      • ‘Nielsen introduces two solo voices singing a wordless vocalise in the glorious slow movement.’



/ˈvōkəˌlēz/ /ˈvoʊkəˌliz/