Definition of vocationally in English:



See vocational

‘He argued that vocationally educated individuals entering the industry could be better equipped with a broader knowledge base.’
  • ‘There's no rest for the vocationally challenged, though: the very next day after my slightly pensive release into the job market at large, I scuttled around the city happily attending three interviews, all for great jobs.’
  • ‘A comparison of the content and lessons of GNVQ and A-level courses seems to confirm employers' suspicions that A-level pupils are better equipped for the world of work than their vocationally qualified peers.’
  • ‘The Republic has three different types of schools: grammar schools for the most academic students, technical colleges for the vocationally minded and secondary moderns for general studies.’
  • ‘More and more vocationally oriented courses in universities determine the ways in which people speak of what's valuable in the universities.’