Definition of vociferousness in English:



See vociferous

‘These insiders speculate that Miller is to actually benefit in some sort of way because of his vociferousness in pushing this economic and environmentally risky deal.’
  • ‘The vociferousness of his appeal showed he felt that it should have been at least a spot kick, but the linesman, on whom he vented the venom, stared him out.’
  • ‘I'm not saying there aren't theological issues, and so on, but I do think that may have something to do with the vociferousness of the debate.’
  • ‘On the other hand, throughout the 1970s the police lobbied with increasing vociferousness for more powers to deal with ‘the fight against crime’, and to resist ‘political’ control.’



/vəˈsif(ə)rəsnəs/ /vəˈsɪf(ə)rəsnəs/