Definition of voiceprint in English:



  • A visual record of speech, analyzed with respect to frequency, duration, and amplitude.

    ‘To many judges and lawyers involved in the criminal justice system, including leading experts on scientific evidence, voice identification has been equated with voiceprints and voiceprints are too unreliable.’
    • ‘As with fingerprints, there are no two persons who have the same voiceprint.’
    • ‘While proponents argue that voiceprints are analogous to fingerprints, detractors argue that, unlike fingerprints, voices can change due to illness, injury, or age, making voiceprints far less reliable.’
    • ‘Retinal imaging, voiceprints, hand geometry readers and other biometric technologies permit authentication of individuals with a precision we once thought impossible.’
    • ‘The principal is familiar: Your child's voice sounds like no one else's because that resonant cavities within her throat create a unique voiceprint.’
    • ‘Future systems could improve security by validating a voiceprint or fingerprint before allowing the engine to start.’
    • ‘A voiceprint checks their identity to prevent cheating.’
    • ‘Two factor authentication would prevent this - a user would have to be physically present with a fingerprint, voiceprint or smartcard in order to access the system.’
    • ‘These systems identify and verify a unique physical characteristic of a person, such as a fingerprint, voiceprint or retina.’
    • ‘Your stored information will hopefully be secure with fingerprint or voiceprint identification capabilities.’



/ˈvoisˌprint/ /ˈvɔɪsˌprɪnt/


Early 20th century from the noun voice, on the pattern of fingerprint.