Definition of voidable in English:



See void

  • ‘The deal, reportedly a six-year pact with a voidable seventh year, is worth roughly $35 million over the first six years and another $6 million if the seventh year kicks in.’
  • ‘The way in which the expression - the manner, is put, ‘judgment becomes voidable and may be set aside’, would convey, in our submission, an element of discretion as distinct from a matter of right.’
  • ‘I think the narrow point really that we make is this, your Honours, and that is that there cannot be an advantage in circumstances where, if it be the case - and there was no finding as to that - that the contract of allotment was voidable.’
  • ‘Of course contracts induced by fraud or misrepresentation or contracts which are unconscionable bargains are voidable rather than void but, in the absence of third party reliance, that cannot constitute a difference of principle.’
  • ‘A contract obtained by fraudulent misrepresentation is voidable, not void, even in equity.’