Definition of voidance in English:



  • 1mass noun The action of voiding or the state of being voided.

    ‘the voidance of exhaust gases’
    emptying, emptying out, voidance, voiding, opening, purging, drainage
    expulsion, ejection, discharge, excretion, passing, elimination, voidance, voiding, emptying, emptying out, purging, emptying, draining
  • 2Law
    An annulment of a contract.

    ‘the purchaser was not entitled to obtain a voidance’
    • ‘The words of clause 29A have been changed to include the phrase ‘in any substantial respect,’ with regard to grounds for voidance of an occupation right agreement.’
    • ‘It is prohibited to apply to the courts for voidance of the employment contract of an employee representative.’
    • ‘The Notice of Voidance shall specify the cause for the voidance and describe the facts in support of the cause.’
  • 3Christian Church
    A vacancy in a benefice.

    ‘And if such advowees do not present to such benefices within the half year after such voidances, nor the bishop of the place do not give the same by lapse of time within a month after half a year, that then the king shall have thereof the presentments and collations as he hath of other of his own advowry.’


Late Middle English from Old French, from the verb voider (see void).