Definition of vol-au-vent in English:



  • A small round case of puff pastry filled with a savoury mixture, typically of meat or fish in a richly flavoured sauce.

    • ‘As well as fresh fish, organic meat and vegetables there is a wealth of special breads, cakes, pastas, sauces, quiches, vol-au-vents, hummus and much more.’
    • ‘That was the good part - cheeses and chocolates, pickles and vol-au-vents, dainty sandwiches, Christmas cake and stuffed dates - enough to keep us amused while the doctor did his rounds.’
    • ‘We're used to soggy vol-au-vents, rock hard party sausages and rough Bulgarian plonk.’
    • ‘I tried my best routines and lines but I was invariably met with a barrage of abuse and general hostility, at one point in the evening I was bombarded with mushroom supreme vol-au-vents and a slew of four-letter words that turned the air blue.’
    • ‘Can a food snob dismiss the party of a rich neighbour with a, ‘Well yes, the house is beautiful but profiteroles and chicken vol-au-vents, puh-lease!’’
    • ‘The unfortunate party members, staying in seedy bed-and-breakfasts on shoestring budgets, are reduced to scoffing free booze and vol-au-vents at corporate receptions.’
    • ‘There will be self-righteous demands for vegetarian vol-au-vents made from people wearing fur coats made from a Siberian Tiger.’
    • ‘I should think some of them choked on their vol-au-vents when he said it.’
    • ‘Standing knee-deep in sawdust and cardboard boxes a week prior to opening, with not a vol-au-vent in sight, they are convinced that the place will be ready on time.’
    • ‘No vol-au-vent was to be left unturned in the quest for glamour.’


French, literally ‘flight in the wind’.