Definition of volumetrically in English:


Pronunciation /-trik(ə)lē/


See volumetric

‘Much smaller zeolite crystals, but volumetrically much larger and more concentrated, are those that form from the weathering and alteration of volcanic ash deposits in alkaline surface waters.’
  • ‘Crinoids dominated volumetrically, but other common elements include sponges, brachiopods, bryozoans, gastropods (especially platyceratids), and corals.’
  • ‘Mafic gneisses, amphibolitcs, ultramafic rocks and paragneisses are most abundant in northwestern parts of the complex, but quartzites, marbles and other supracrustal rocks represent a volumetrically insignificant component.’
  • ‘The present invention volumetrically removes the tissue at the point of incision, dissection, or transection in a cool ablation process that minimizes thermal damage to surrounding, non-target tissue.’
  • ‘Although throughfall is volumetrically greater than stemflow in most forests, stemflow is more enriched chemically.’