Definition of voluntariness in English:



See voluntary

‘Other studies conducted in the Netherlands have indicated how voluntariness is compromised, alternatives not presented and the criterion of unrelievable suffering bypassed.’
  • ‘A subsidiary argument is that it would in any event be difficult for a court to satisfy itself of the voluntariness of the renunciation of criminal purpose, and that such occasions might well involve a mixture of motives on D's part.’
  • ‘Alternatively, addictive conditions are sometimes pictured as bypassing the will altogether, causing us to do things that do not even satisfy the minimal conditions of voluntariness.’
  • ‘This can be seen from the way in which the requirements of voluntariness and full knowledge of the risk can be either stressed or virtually ignored according to the outcome that the court considers appropriate.’
  • ‘It sounds like the argument challenges the voluntariness of the consent.’



/ˈvälənˌterēnis/ /ˈvɑlənˌtɛrinɪs/