Definition of vorticella in English:


Pronunciation /ˌvôrdəˈselə/ /ˌvɔrdəˈsɛlə/


  • A sedentary, single-celled aquatic animal with a contractile stalk and a bell-shaped body bearing a ring of cilia.

    Genus Vorticella, phylum Ciliophora, kingdom Protista

    ‘On first visual inspection, the vorticella appeared as a small patch of fungus, about 8mm in diameter.’
    • ‘Although vorticellas are often found in clusters, each stalk is individually attached to the surface.’
    • ‘Among them are the bell-shaped protozoans called vorticellas that live in fresh or salt water, often in colonies that may contain between five and several hundred organisms.’


Late 18th century modern Latin, diminutive of Latin vortex, vortic- ‘eddy’.