Definition of vote of confidence in English:

vote of confidence

Pronunciation /ˌvōd əv ˈkänfədəns/ /ˌvoʊd əv ˈkɑnfədəns/


  • A vote showing that a majority continues to support the policy of a leader or governing body.

    ‘Dissolution may be sought when the government loses a vote of confidence or its majority is threatened by split or defection.’
    • ‘My alternative suggestion was that he should initiate a vote of confidence from the Parliamentary Party.’
    • ‘Votes on items such as the budget are legitimately votes of confidence in the government and party discipline should prevail.’
    • ‘The Cabinet was announced Sunday and is to face a parliamentary vote of confidence tomorrow.’
    • ‘He also secured the continuation of his government through a vote of confidence.’
    • ‘He was not resigning and would instead table a vote of confidence in parliament on Thursday.’
    • ‘It deserves a vote of confidence from investors and political leaders alike.’
    • ‘A majority of 211 is a pretty convincing vote of confidence, in my humble opinion.’
    • ‘His vigorous economic and foreign policy has received a solid vote of confidence.’