Definition of voussoir in English:



  • A wedge-shaped or tapered stone used to construct an arch.

    ‘This tomb is notable because it introduced for the first time in India the principle of the true arch with radiating voussoirs.’
    • ‘It has to be remembered that even repeated patterns round a window required different models for each side, as well as for the voussoirs, keystone, and stop-ends, each of which had to be specially drawn.’
    • ‘At the underside of the sixth floor, the atrium narrows to a small opening encircled by polished granite voussoirs.’
    • ‘It consists of little more than seven arches, diminishing in height away from the center, decorated with alternating projecting voussoirs.’
    • ‘Using stone salvaged from the exterior wall, a matching 6-foot voussoir was created in the north wall on Fifth Avenue.’



/vo͞oˈswär/ /vuˈswɑr/


Early 18th century via French from popular Latin volsorium, based on Latin volvere ‘to roll’. The word, borrowed from Old French, was also used for a time in late Middle English.