Definition of Vouvray in English:



mass noun
  • Dry white wine, either still or sparkling, produced in the Vouvray district of the Loire Valley.

    • ‘A number of different wines are produced in the Loire but the most famous have to be Vouvray and Sancerre.’
    • ‘At its most basic level, Chenin is grown in the Loire to produce wines to be drunk young, such as basic Anjou Blanc or inexpensive Saumur or Vouvray.’
    • ‘There are moderately priced ones like Sancerre or Vouvray which are admirable but you can expect to pay up to a tenner a bottle.’
    • ‘Finally I settled on a simple bottle of Vouvray, something light and fresh to accompany the first couple of courses.’
    • ‘With a deep golden colour, this tastes rather like a dry sherry that has seen plenty of oak, or perhaps an aged Vouvray.’





/ˈvuːvreɪ/ /vuvʀe/