Definition of vulcanite in English:



mass noun
  • Hard, black vulcanized rubber.

    • ‘The first synthetic material to be used in flute-making was ebonite, also known as vulcanite.’
    • ‘There is jewelry incorporating hair, enamel, engraving, casting, and die-stamping, as well as objects made from unusual materials such as tortoiseshell, wood, and vulcanite.’
    • ‘Tortoiseshell, vulcanite, wood, and coral became part of the new jewelry repertory.’
    • ‘The recordings on huge aluminium based vulcanite discs were in danger of disintegrating, but the staff at the Linguistics Department have managed to preserve them.’
    • ‘Stephen Spender… was now living in a chic apartment with a colour scheme out of Vogue, a huge vulcanite writing-desk and over the fireplace an abstract picture by Wyndham Lewis.’


Mid 19th century from Vulcan+ -ite.