Definition of vulgar fraction in English:

vulgar fraction

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  • A fraction expressed by numerator and denominator, not decimally.

    Also called common fraction

    ‘Oh, the wonders of Euroland, the rip-off merchants can no longer hide behind the vulgar fractions of currency translators.’
    • ‘Where once we could hide behind the average tourist's weakness with vulgar fractions, a Spanish visitor could say to me in the pub the other night, ‘this pint I am holding in my hand is twice the price it is in Barcelona.’’
    • ‘To indicate vulgar fractions (23 / 24 for twenty-three twenty fourths) and ratios (miles/hour for miles per hour).’


vulgar fraction

/ˈvəlɡər ˈfrakSHən/ /ˈvəlɡər ˈfrækʃən/